Blind MasterChef winner shows us how she cooks dinner

Blind MasterChef winner shows us how she prepares a meal


MasterChef winner Christine Ha shows us how she cooks as a blind chef. Click on link for video:

In this video which is filmed as if you are looking through her eyes, this blind MasterChef winner takes you through the steps to prepare a regular weeknight dinner. She prepares a meal of red snapper steamed with black bean sauce and Sichuan green beans. You will also hear how she uses her Amazon Echo while she is cooking.

Picture of chef’s hands stirring food in a pot.


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  • Alex Zubayer on 02-07-2020
    Hey, Thanks for sharing the blind cooking of the chef. Great stuff! But, when I was making my website <a href="">CookingTV</a> I was already following Christine Ha's youtube channel and let me tell you, her videos never disappoints me. By the way, great stuff. Love Alex

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