Bridgette Ricks

Case Management


11 years ago Bridgette Ricks took medication for a life threatening heart surgery that forever changed her life.What she didn’t know at the time was that one of the side effects of this medication is blindness.

Bridgette’s story is incredible not because of the unforeseen circumstances that took place in her life that caused her to lose her sight, but because of the positive outlook she has on life today.She has found passion and purpose in her vision loss through many different ways, one of them is being a pivotal part of the MAB Seekers Group.The MAB Seekers is a client-based group formed in 2014 to deepen public awareness of visual impairment through the development of community events and increase rehabilitation services for MAB clients through the acquisition of contributed revenues.

When Bridgette lost her vision she kept hearing about MAB and eventually contacted the agency for Vision Rehabilitation Services.She worked with case manager Shonte White who guided her through the process and led her to the appropriate services like Orientation and Mobility and Support Group Services.Case managers get to know their clients and history very well and Shonte quickly learned about Bridgette’s career before retirement as a successful Support Services Supervisor at a local hospital. Bridgette was in charge of community events and programs.Upon learning this Shonte recommended Bridgette look into the Seekers group after hearing about her fundraising background.Bridgette is a go getter, a planner and someone who loves to raise funds for a good cause so this group was perfect for her to join and she has now been with the Seekers for about two years.

It was destiny that Bridgette be a part of the Seekers group where her skills and expertise are so needed and appreciated.It was her idea to get MAB involved in the Charlotte Marathon where for the first time they recognized tandem running or walking teams with awards for the first individual across the finish line!

Bridgette said that despite her vision loss nothing has really changed in her life.She still cooks, spends time with family, travels with a core group of great girlfriends (called Phenomenal Women) every year and chooses not to dwell but rather move forward in life.If there is any way she can help someone else in her situation that is what she strives to do every day.

Image of Bridgette standing outside of the MAB building.It’s sunny and she is smiling.Also on the image is a circle with the words Case Management and below that Bridgette’s quote, “MAB helped me live an active and independent life where I do all the things I did before losing my eyesight.”


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