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There are just so many things to talk about in the month of October.The sweet taste of pumpkin spice lattes, the crisp smell of fall leaves in the air as they change colors, and all the plans for fall festivities.We also want to remember that it’s World Blindness Awareness Month and with that we want to highlight a special part of our agency and a specific service that we have provided to thousands of individuals in the greater Charlotte area.

Case Management Services are offered to each client on an individualized basis and are provided to meet the changing needs in a client’s life as he or she adjusts to vision loss. The case manager and client initially discuss the client's needs in relation to services offered by MAB and other local agencies. The client and case manager will work together to establish goals related to the client's needs. The case manager will make referrals within MAB as well as to community agencies to connect the client with appropriate resources to help meet those goals.

Our case workers have been with us for 45 years if you combine all their time with the agency together.When asked why they have stuck around for so long and continue to do what they do the overwhelming response was that they enjoy connecting with and helping people in our community.Case workers often visit clients in their homes so they have the opportunity to have a one on one experience from the very beginning.This allows a relationship to form that is built on trust and from there many clients have said that through this service and others they begin to get their independence back.

Some of the obstacles case workers often face is resistance to services.Maybe a client is not ready to receive services or maybe they have a family member who is weary to try something they have never done before. Sometimes clients have unrealistic expectations about how quickly the services might work or if they will help at all.Being a case worker requires patience and determination and in the end these ladies are all about being by a clients’ side through their journey – even if it’s bumpy. They all agree that there is no greater feeling than bringing hope back into someone’s life.

Case Managers also have to be very organized and disciplined when it comes to collecting client communications, forms, and supporting documentation.All of this must be managed for compliance to maintain client confidentiality so as you can see this role goes well beyond the direct client interaction.

MAB is very fortunate to have a team of dedicated case workers who are passionate not only about what they do, but who they do it for.Thank you Case Management Crew for all you do each day to assist our Blind and Visually Impaired Community.

Image of MAB’s Case Managers in front of the MAB building.They are surrounded by orange and yellow mums and the sun is shining brightly on their beautiful faces.


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