MAB Staff Spotlight with Amy Ingebretson

MAB Staff Spotlight


Amy Ingebretson, Occupational Therapist (OT) and Certified Low Vision Therapist (CLVT) has been working in our Low Vision Clinic for almost 3 years now. She evaluates patients with low vision and works with them to figure out what activities they need or want to do in their lives. From there Amy provides training on low vision devices and/or techniques that will allow for improved participation in meaningful activities. In low vision therapy the aim is to help the patient utilize their remaining vision in the most effective way possible, which may include evaluation and training on various optical devices, electronic magnifiers, task lighting, sun lenses, visual efficiency, computer and iPad accessibility, and environmental modification for safety in the home. The devices and techniques implemented depend on the patient’s current visual function and goals. She also considers any additional factors (for example, physical, sensory, cognitive) that may have an impact on the patient’s plan of care.

Amy finds our unique agency inspiring and fun to work for and this shows through her dedication to each patient. Her colleagues describe her as being very thorough and meticulous. She strives to provide the best possible service to her patients, often going that extra step to assist them. Amy attributes her specialized knowledge to, working closely with our low vision optometrists, Dr. Laurie Hoffman and Dr. Brittany Flaherty. She said, “I owe much thanks to them and to Maggie Edmunds, CLVT. At MAB, I have been able to appreciate the perspectives of each discipline of the Vision Rehabilitation Services (VRS) team and see the value that each of us has to offer the patients we serve. I love working with a team of such dedicated and caring professionals—in both our VRS and Accessible Document Services (ADS) departments!”

Outside of work Amy loves to cook healthy cuisine, exercise, read and travel the world!

Image of Amy standing outside of the agency with white and red flowering trees behind her on a cool and windy day. The sky is bright blue and the sun is shining brightly down on her.


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