Mini Center Take 2

MC - Session 2


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How would you manage your money if you were blind or visually impaired?This week our Mini Center Group had the opportunity to explore this topic together, provide valuable feedback, and learn from the pros (MAB Certified Vision Rehab Therapists Kerri Good and Sarah Milledge)

The group also shared about their daily, individual vision struggles (everyone in the class has a different condition and are at varying stages of vision loss). You would think that vision loss would be enough to deal with on a daily basis but our Mini Center participants are quick to remind us that like anyone else they are dealing with a lot of other life obstacles at the same time. This can be anything from other serious health issues with a spouse or loved one, or depression that sets in every time you go to the eye Dr. for your six month check-up only to realize your vision has gotten worse. One participant said some days are better than others with her vision, and there are days she wakes up hoping to see something. Another participant said he hoped his vision would get better but it never did. Another participant said that he finally had to stop worrying and just wanted to have fun in life again. Overall, everyone has a different experience but there is a common thread among each person in the group that allows them to all relate to each other and that is what Mini Center is all about: sharing and learning new things to make life as easy and independent as possible.

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