Orientation & Mobility with Ryan Holroyd

Orientation & Mobility


Meet Ryan Holroyd, a very talented young man who can do math in his head, loves sushi, enjoys reading audio books and attends really cool camps every year (he attended space camp in AL this past September). This school year he transitioned from 5th grade at Springfield Elementary to 6th grade at Pleasant Knoll Middle School and because of the new environment Ryan had to take on some additional Orientation and Mobility training. Ryan has been receiving Orientation and Mobility training from MAB since he was in 1st grade so it only made sense to continue to work with our O&M Specialist Heather Couch to prepare for his transition to a new school. Ryan and Heather worked together throughout the summer and his training covered proper use of his long cane, ascending/descending stairs, use of elevators, and orientation to the new middle school in general. Ryan works really hard at everything he does and it shows. He won an award for getting straight A’s in the 5th grade all year long and was nominated by his classmates for the “Colt of the Year” award at Springfield Elementary. He has also competed as a Scout in the Cane Quest at South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind this past March and he won prizes by demonstrating his knowledge of O&M skills including human guide, long cane, self-protective, and orientation techniques. Heather has been working with Ryan since his 3rd grade year and she said that training allows him to travel independently to his academic classes, VI classroom, and cafeteria. They continuedto work together throughout the first semester to learn the exterior of the school and outdoor routes. Great job Ryan! We are so proud of you!

Image of Ryan in his classroom.


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