Lunch & Learn Series

Non-24 Sleep Disorder


Lunch & Learn Series: NON-24 SLEEP DISORDER, April 6th 11:30 - 1:00, MAB Conference Room

Wendy O'Steen, R.N., Regioanl Nurse Educator with Vanda Pharmaceuticals will make a presentation on the Non-24 Sleep Disorder. Here is and exerpt from their website (

"The Unique Connection Between Vision And The Sleep-Wake Cycle

Poor quality or quantity of sleep is a common complaint, especially in blind individuals with no light perception. Non-24 Hour Disorder (Non-24) occurs in some individuals who are totally blind and lack the light sensitivity necessary to reset the “body clock”. As a result, these individuals suffer from cyclic insomnia and sleep deprivation which may lead to difficulties with concentration and memory, as well as an increased risk of errors and accidents. For some totally blind individuals, the sleeplessness and daytime fatigue have significant impacts on their social and occupational lives and are considered the most disabling aspect of their blindness."

Sign up is required as space is limited. Please call or email Laura Park-Leach to reserve your spot at: 704-887-5111 or

Image of a woman sleeping (she is blurred out in the background and you can only see her arm and head out of white sheets) and in the foreground is the top half of a black clock

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