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Featuring Dr. Laurie Hoffman


MAB Employee Spotlight:

We are very fortunate to have a Low Vision Clinic at MAB that provides personalized, comprehensive low vision services which give patients the opportunity to explore optical solutions for their daily lives.Dr. Laurie Hoffman, OD, FAAO Low Vision Optometrist has been a valuable part of this team since 2011. She provides a low vision clinical exam which may include counseling on the specific eye condition, explanation of the eye report, screening for overall eye health, updating the eye glass prescription, and prescribing medications .Along with her long list of impressive credentials, Dr. Hoffman brings passion, and enthusiasm to each patient appointment. Her main goal with each client is to help them maximize their remaining vision. She does this by using tools such as magnifiers, high-powered reading glasses, and telescopic options. When asked what she has gained from working at MAB Dr. Hoffman stated, “I have been given a gift to be able to restore hope in people who thought they would never be able to read again or see things that are important to them. Helping people in this way is a true blessing!”

Outside of work Dr. Hoffman loves to travel and spend time with her family (she has the most beautiful little boy who just turned 1).Thank you Dr. Hoffman for all of the knowledge and dedication you bring to the MAB team!

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