Now recruiting: Online banking users with visual impairments/disabilities

Usability Testers Needed


Check out this opportunity and see contact information below if interested.

Now recruiting: Online banking users with visual impairments/disabilities.

We’re creating a panel to get feedback on our website. With your help, we’ll create better online banking experiences that are accessible to a wider audience.

To qualify to join the panel, you must:

oAccess banking sites online

oUse assistive technology (i.e. screen reader, sip-and-puff, screen magnifier, etc.)

oBe 18 or older and involved in your household finances

oRead and speak English

oBe available to provide feedback 2 to 4 times a year

You’ll take part in a quick screener survey by phone or email to make sure you qualify. We’ll ask questions like whether you can join us in Uptown Charlotte to provide feedback or whether you would be comfortable with us interviewing you in-person at your home.

You’ll have the opportunity to earn a $100 incentive each time you provide us with helpful feedback — positive or negative! — up to 4 times a year.

For more details, contact:

Or call (704) 444-4694

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