Vision Heros, Ryan and Mack

Vision Heros


Vision Heroes, Ryan and Mack

Watch this incredible video featuring Ryan Beam and Mack Despard, two cousins with Ocular Albinism that don't let their disorder interfere with their dreams.

(Source: The Vision of Children Foundation)

The Vision of Children Foundation mission is to cure hereditary childhood blindness and other vision disorders and to improve the lives of visually impaired individuals and their families.

Sam and Vivian Hardage founded The Vision of Children Foundation (VOC) in 1991 to cure hereditary childhood blindness and vision loss. VOC encourages scientists to take an interest in genetic eye disorders that typically are underfunded. Over the years, VOC has directly funded groundbreaking research.

The Foundation has evolved from early basic research into an organization that has driven science to the horizon of actually restoring vision to children who cannot see. Currently, they are funding research that will potentially regrow damaged vision receptors in the back of the eye and reattach them to the vision center of the brain. Over the next few years, the research should yield outcomes that will restore children’s vision.

The Foundation also continues to support family members and children with hereditary blindness through their family network, a newsletter with the latest research and developments, and a website where families can connect with each other. Additionally, through Project Vision Aid, they donate vision equipment to schools and students with vision impairments.


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