Overcoming Barriers in the Workplace

Overcoming Barriers in the Workplace


According to Fast Company, research studies published by the American Community Survey indicate that 44.2% of people who are blind are employed, and 10% are unemployed. This compares, at the time of the study, to employment rate of 77.2% and 4.8% unemployment rate for people without disabilities.

Why does employment continue to be a challenge for so many people who are blind?

One of the most common barriers to employment for people who are blind is negative employer attitudes. Studies show that employers have limited knowledge about how people who are blind can perform basic job tasks and they tend to associate competence with sighted people and incompetence with blind people.

People who are blind can perform most jobs that sighted people can. There are not “jobs for blind people”. Given the right accommodations, visually impaired people can excel at most jobs.

What can people and employers do to open up opportunities? Employers should make all digital information related to jobs accessible including the application process. We should all learn about how people who have vision loss or blindness can perform tasks. This is the best way to change perceptions.
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