Vision Rehabilitation Services

Fees and Co-Pays

Fees and Co-Pays

As a 501(c) Non-Profit, MAB services are subsidized through ADS production revenue, United Way, and private donation. Therefore clients are not responsible for the total $150 per hour fee for direct service hours provided. Client donations of any amount are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Low vision fees are based on your type of insurance. Prescribed devices are additional.

Transportation: $10
This fee helps offset the $48 cost of each trip.

Mini Center: $50
This fee helps offset costs of the 8-week program.

Assistive Technology Training: $150 Fee for 30 hours of individual training. Clients are eligible for two visits per year, free of charge, to the Assistive Technology Demonstration Center where they can experience certain assistive technologies in an individual training session. Sessions are two hours.

Braille Training: Clients are responsible for the cost of Braille training supplies.

A hardship application for patients/clients needing financial assistance is available through your case manager. This application must be renewed one time per year or at the time your case is reopened if it is longer than one year since closure.

Click here for the Hardship Application