Vision Rehabilitation Services

Low Vision

Low Vision

By offering personalized, comprehensive low vision services our low vision program gives patients the opportunity to explore optical solutions for their daily lives. The optometrists, Dr. Laurie Hoffman and Dr. Brittany Flaherty, provide a low vision clinical exam which may include counseling on the specific eye condition, explanation of the eye report, screening for overall eye health, updating the eye glass prescription, and prescribing medications.

Patients are then seen by a certified low vision therapist to receive a functional low vision evaluation. A patient may be matched with and instructed in the use of appropriate optical and non-optical devices that will help them meet their individual needs.

To receive low vision services, call 704-372-3870. A case manager will arrange to meet with you. New patients will need to provide a current eye report (less than one year old). Co-pays and fees are expected at time of service based on your insurance. MAB will file claims with your insurance and bill you for the balance. Prescribed devices are additional.

A hardship application for patients need financial assistance is available through your case manager. This application must be renewed one time per year or at the time your case is reopened if it is longer than one year since closure.

To access our patient portal and view your medical records click the link below:

(We must first assign you a username and password, contact our office at 704-887-5123 to request this information.)